Archive that music career now! You are just a few steps away to becoming a professional musician, singer, composer, Lead vocalist, soloist, songwriter, instrumentalist, music Coach etc.       What musical skills do you desire to acquire? Or what musical instruments do you fall in love with? Wave goodbye to off key singing. You... Continue Reading →

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 How do I Escape Pornography Addiction? As I'm sure you can guess, some of the most searched terms on the internet are related to pornography-whether it is to seek out or to find ways to end addiction. Pornography is everywhere today in varying forms and levels of graphicness. It affects both guys and girls. satan... Continue Reading →


Do you know you have a personal word from God in the Scriptures? A word He specifically and purposefully wrote down for you as an individual person. That is the key that unlocks one’s destiny and purpose in life. Study the Scripture to discover what is written for you in it by your Maker.

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Don’t... Jesus has the Solution  JESUS LOVES YOU One Sunday morning, I met a group of young men who were drinking bear. I greeted them as I hand them the evangelical booklet "Jesus Longs to Meet you." And I kept saying repeatedly, "Jesus loves you." As I enjoyed the silence from their end, I kept adding other words... Continue Reading →

Christian Encourager Magazine Editorial (soft copy)

By Romanus O.Obiekosi I give glory and honour to God Almighty for the actualization of this divine assignment. A project that has long existed in our "mental world" but has now become visible in the real world. It has become something real and tangible, something to be grasped. May the Name of the Lord be... Continue Reading →

Simply Put, It’s Pornographic;, This Shocking New Snapchat

Will Maule. Faithwire Last week, Snapchat introduced a new channel in its "Discover" section called, "Cosmo After Dark." And simply put, it is pornographic. This is highly concerning, not least because huge numbers of teens use Snapchat to communicate with their friends. According to Cosmopolitan magazine, the new channel "is an X-rated weekly edition that... Continue Reading →

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Elaine Storkey Sabu George, a Delhi-based researcher, has spent the past quarter-century exposing what he calls “the worst kind of violence” in Indian history—the elimination of millions of unborn girls. He regards it as nothing less than genocide and describes the first few months in the womb as “the riskiest part of a woman’s life... Continue Reading →


Our monthly maiden Soul Winning magazine is out! Kindly get a copy for yourself and loved ones. It’s FREE! By God’s special grace, our passion and desire is that each edition of this magazine will achieve its purpose of winning “lost soul” to Christ to the Glory of God. It personally gives serious concern to... Continue Reading →

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