Christian Encourager Magazine Editorial (soft copy)

By Romanus O.Obiekosi

I give glory and honour to God Almighty for the actualization of this divine assignment. A project that has long existed in our “mental world” but has now become visible in the real world. It has become something real and tangible, something to be grasped. May the Name of the Lord be praised..

The Christian Encourager Magazine is born out of godly zeal and passion, towards the fulfillment of God’s divine purpose, and establishment of His will on earth as it is heaven.

it is born out of love for humanity towards actualidzing its God’s divine mandate and purpose on earth, hoped to be achieved through unflinching encouragement in all ramifications of human endeavours.
It’s a push to step up to God’s standard of living and desire for mankind.

The Christian Encourager magazine is about encouraging and building up in diverse forms. It is aimed at touching every aspect of human life and endeavour, no matter the adverse condition you find yourself. It is just as the the Scripture says, “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing”( 1Thessalonians 5:11)
So we see promotion in every adverse circumstance as far as the Lord sits on the throne and we put all our trust in Him. It’s gonna be well!

This therefore is pivotal, and a watchword for us on this mission. It is our drive and objective.

Encouragement is one of the most essential aids and tools that everyone born of a wowan needs to succeed in any life’s endeavour. It is the leading factor for godly and excellent living. It is mostly needed in our present generation where everything now goes; where morality and godliness has grown wings and flown away from our planet earth, and evil, lawlessness, injustice, afflictions and difficulties have risen to their highest order.

Our children in the classrooms and at campuses are unsafe. Parents and wards are in constant fear of of losing their children’s moral values, and godly standard. They need our constant encouragement in order not to lose their moral and godly values.

Encouragement produces energy and builds up unwavering faith for continuity in living a meaningful life and pursuing godly aspirations. When it comes from the right source (divine), it becomes a strong, hard and right push towards the right direction. We all need that right push. Our children need it. We all need to be encouraged and to encourage others in all life’s issues.

Encouragement comes in diverse forms. As needs varies among people, so they require various kinds and forms of encouragemnt. It could be verbal (words) or tangible (materials). Some persons’ challenges might be solved with just a little word of advise. While others might require a tangible gesture like cash, equipment, materials, working tools, etc. Still a host of others might be needing professional support, coaching, mentoring, training, skill acquisition etc. This is the purpose the ‘The Christian Encourager Magazine’ is set to achieve.

We hope to provide encouragement on many issues of life as they affect and pose a challenge to humanity daily. Beginning from spirituality to the family life, relationship, carreer, professions, work, business, leadership, human behaviour and life in general.

No matter how rich you may find this edition, it is not in any way comparable to our subsquent editions. We are ready to explore and explore and explore and get to the zenith of acquiring whatever it requires to achieve this mission.
We are set to turn this world around for good to the glory of God.

We solicit for your unflunching support in whatever area that will aid us to achieve this mission.

The Holy Bible is our standard of authority and presentation. Every other perception or idea will be duly scrutinized and subjected to the standard of the Holy Scriptures. That is, the Holy Scripture is our yard stick. We don’t encourage what disagrees with God’s word.

I trust you will find a topic or more in the pages of this magazine that will encourage, edify and change you for the best in life ahead. See you at the VICTORS hall of fame.

I pray that the LORD will lay upon you the burden to become an Encorager in order to change the life of  others around you. See you at the VICTORS hall of fame.
Happy reading!


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