Possible Greatness

Does it really matter what one has to face to become great in life? I think it matters not. There’s a price to pay for greatness. The road To greatness is really tough and rough, that’s why it is attained only by those who develop a strong winning attitude in the midst of obstacles and tough times.
Don’t give up your dreams no matter what comes your way. When life becomes too tough and unbearable for you, consider taking a little time off to refresh your spirit and regain the motivation to bounce back with new energy and winning momentum.


When you sit to analyze the reasons why something  didn’t work out, dare not to include why you may not try again. Failure in a project is a strong indication that success is close at hand. For failure does not occur in the absence of work. Progress preceds failure. It is in the flow of progress that failure occurs, and it stirs up new ideas for better and outstanding innovation that triples your progress.

Don’t forget, every destination has a connection that leads to it. And the connection to success and greatness is failure and determination to succeed.  You will attain greatness when you refuse to give in to failure. Greatness becomes very possible if you don’t give up your dream no matter what comes your way of attaining greatness.

There’s something you must not overlook in pursuit of greatness-HUMILITY!

Jesus said to His disciples in Matthew’s gospel chapter 20:26 “Not so with you. Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant”. (NIV)

You must be humble enough to serve and impact people’s life-those who are really in need of your services whether they can afford it or not.  Accept both low and high invitation to do what you know how best to do.

Another thing that can make greatness a possibility is: A BURNING DESIRE 

Consider the word Jesus used in the above text, “whoever wants”  This suggests a burning desire that is personally activated. If you do not desire greatness, you can’t attain it. It is that lively burning desire that will  unstoppably bounce you back to the track when you encounter failure.

I pray for you that no failure or any form of disappointment will push you out of the track of greatness in Jesus Name, Amen!


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