What makes an outstanding difference in the life of a believer, that births unshakable courage, brings fresh anointing and unwavering faith is not his or her regular meetings and fellowship attendance; but the constant indwelling of Holy Spirit, which takes effect as a result of a daily deeper personal relationship with God and constant approach to the throne of grace through the Word, obedience and prayer.

Do you desire to get constantly connected to the divine source of power that enables unstoppable victories?nothing as sweet and comparable to having constant indwell of God’s manifest presence. This is readily available to those who earnestly seek after God above everything else.

When you are always aware of God’s power in your life, you can take any step for God to be glorified no matter what it will cost you. When you are under the anointing, you become a spiritual mad man. You do things by the leading of the Spirit not by human logic. Under the cloth of divine anointing any miracle can happen. 

We can get so daily clothed in divine power and anointing when we get so close to God on a daily basis in His Word, prayer, in faithfulness and obedience. 




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