Do you know that the Holy Bible is the bestselling book of all time with over 5 billion copies sold and distributed? – Guinness World Record

That’s really amazing! Isn’t it?
That suggests that more than a half of over 8 billion population of the world owns a Bible, or probably more than one Bible.
Have you got your own Bible? Don’t be left out! Join the divine train.

This singular statistics is an indisputable proof that the world cannot survive without the Word of God which dwells among us, and through which the world was made (John 1:12). The world is still in daily search of a life free of pain, sorrow and ultimate liberation.

Man’s freedom, prosperity, success, fulfillment and happiness in this life are inseparably tied to the application of God’s Word in his life. The same thing applies to people of all walks of life -whether the nations, governments, corporate organizations and so on. Our survival is in applying the Word of God in our daily activities.

God created the world by the ‘Word’ (John 1:1). And it is only by the Word can the world be sustained. Everything that is made by the Word can survive only by the Word.
It’s only by the Word you can be sustained and be fulfilled. Hence the command from the Lord, “Keep this book of the law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful Joshua 1:8 (NIV).

The Word of God is meant to dwell in every home and heart of mankind and influence our behavior, attitude, character and cause of action on a daily basis.

Studying, meditating, obeying and applying the word of God in our daily lives and activities bring about unprecedented success, prosperity and fulfillment.

I ask you again, where is your Bible?
Do you have a Bible? When was the last time you opened through the pages?
Do you read, meditate and study your Bible day and night according to God’s command?
Do you obey and apply the will of God as contained in the Scriptures?

The Bible is the manual of human life. It is a divine mirror through which we view our lives. It is a channel of divine revelation and enlightenment.
Opening and reading through the Scriptures brings about the manifest revelational presence of God. It is a glorious moment when mysteries are uncovered and truths are revealed.

Through the study of the Bible, you get to discover yourself and come to understand your Maker’s desires and purpose for your life; which when discovered, brings prosperity, success, satisfaction, fulfillment and happiness in life.

Go get your Bible where you have left it. Get it dusted! Start reading it and begin the new life experience of discovering yourself and your Maker’s (God) purpose and expectations for your life.
All in the Bible!

Love the Bible
Read the Bible
Study the Bible
Share the Bible
Preach the Bible
Teach the Bible
Believe the Bible
Live the Bible
Kiss the Bible
Distribute the Bible

By Romanus O. Obiekosi

copyright©2019 Thine the Glory Ventures®
All rights reserved.