Free Online Weekend Bible Quiz

Welcome to our free online weekend Bible quiz, (OWBQ) organized by Thine the Glory ( TTG).

Thine the Glory’s singular vision is to reach the ends of the earth for Christ through the Word and Music….

Kindly read the quiz guide below for better participation 👇🏽

Aims and Objectives

Why have we come up with this program? Online Weekend Bible Quiz (OWBQ)

To motivate and encourage Christians to constantly search, read and study God’s Word for spiritual enrichment.

To inspire yet to-be Christians to fall in love with the truth and the infallibility of God’s Word, thereby recognizing its power of salvation and for their souls.

To aid believers to daily memorize and retain Bible verses, in order to apply them for a healthy lifestyle, and for daily successful living.


Who is eligible?
Everyone who is interested is eligible to participate. Christians and non-Christians alike.  No age limit is required. Participants from outside Nigeria may not get a prize.

Questions / Material and Answers

Where will intended questions be taken from? As the event’s name suggests, all questions will be specifically taken from the Holy Bible. Precisely from authorized versions of the Bibles.

Participants are free to provide answers from any authorized versions of the Bible.

Questions shall be provided by the organizers.

NOTE: questions will expire in one hour’s time after they are released per week.

Answers shall be considered valid and acceptable within one hour of releasing the questions.

Correct answers that may come in after the given validity period will not attract a prize but will be duely acknowledged.

Mode of Operation

The quiz will run consecutively twice a month, i.e once each week, after which the first three (3) consistent winners will get their prizes. (Note: two times of consistent participation is required for an individual to qualify for a prize).
It is bimonthly event (once in two months). Specifically 1st & 3rd Saturdays. The first three persons with the correct answers will get the prizes.


Prizes to be won are; Holy Bibles, Christian literatures and motivational books. Call cards and TV subscription vouchers.BF7E9D93-F09D-4A1A-8A1A-383C7DCE507A

The organizers will determine the kind of prizes to give to contestants that emerge winners.

Commencement Date/Time

The first WOBQ started
Saturday 6, April, 2019. And ran through Saturday 27, April, 2019 precisely.
Time 10pm.. It was a huge success.

after reviewing the first and fourth edition of OWBQ, we have changed the the quiz time from 10pm to 2pm-3pm respectively, 1st & 3rd Saturdays, to encourage effective participation.

How to Participate

The quiz will be conducted on our Facebook page platform to enable easy access to participants

Follow this link to join, by clicking ‘like’ on the said page


The event is open for sponsorship from generous Christians whose heart is moved by God to enable continuity and substantial future  prizes as we aspire to make it a mega online event. Thank you.

Events Closure

By God’s special grace the program has come to be for LIFE.

Avaible for this event are:

▪️Quiz Coordinator

▪️Ass. Quiz Coordinator

▪️Time Keeper

▪️Quiz Secretary


▪️Quiz Observers


Special Remark!

The token we offer for this event is not in any way comparable to the spiritual blessings attached to it. God loves to bless those who read and study His Word and put it into practice.

Thanks for being part of this divinely orchestrated soul feeding event.

God bless you

Yours in Christ

Romanus O Obiekosi
(For Thine the Glory)

April Edition Winners

Copyright©️2019 Thine the Glory Ventures

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