The damages of excessive anger is terribly devastating. It has actually cut short many a person’s life span and ended their enviable careers.
It has caused so much damages in families and relationships that they no longer co-exist.
Uncontrolled anger has led to loss of a young man’s life with a promising bright future due to a fight over an ear piece. It’s unbelievable! But it actually happened.

Unrestrained anger has cost one man his lucrative job. It has cost a pretty young lady a relationship that was settled to materialize into marriage. Hundreds of people are suffering in the prison as a result of unrestrained ANGER.
Avoid excessive anger.
It has no positive reward or benefits, but damages.

Ask the Holy Spirit to assist you. I’m a living testimony.
You can overcome it with the help of the Holy Spirit.
Read James 1:19-20.

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