The promises of God do not fail. No word that comes out of His mouth remains unfulfilled. Whatever He says He is going to do, He will surely do. But we must understand that God attaches what is Biblically referred to as an “Appointed Time.” to His promises and prophecies to us.
It is during this waiting period that many believers do easily give up and miss God’s timing and provision for them.
Let’s understand that God works with time, and He has our time in His time. God has your time fixed in His own time. That means He will not fail to bless you or grant your needs because you are enlisted in His divine budget that is set on a time frame. The only way to miss it is to GIVE UP!
Don’t give up your waiting on the Lord.

God’s timing is the best time for us to receive whatever we ask of Him irrespective of how badly we are in need presently.
I’m sharing this topic based on personal experiences and from what I have read in the Bible. People had to wait on God for some certain period of time in order to receive the promise of God. And once it comes, nothing of its kind compares to it.
From Abraham, David, Hannah, Zechariah to all the prophets of old. They all waited on God for the “appointed time” and got blessings that outlasted their lives. This is called “Generational blessings”
I think we should aim for that.


Jesus fully operated on appointed time. We would hear him say things like, “My time has not come” “the time shall come”
“At that time”
“The time is set by my Father”
“No one knows the day or the hour” etc. these are all pointing towards the appointed time of God for our needs. (Mtt.24:36; 25:1; Jn 2:4).
So, what should we do? We should keep on praying and never give up, because the “appointed time must surely come (Habakkuk 2:3; Luke 18:1-8).
Remember, the appointed time is a signed and dated cheque for you.