”Can God really forgive me?”
“I don’t think God can still forgive me”
“I have messed up my own life and wasted thousands of others” “I am full of sin and uncountable evils define my personality.”
“From the best of my self-conscious examination, I discover there’s no single good thing in me.” There is nothing, absolutely nothing that can attract the mercy of God towards my direction. My hands are covered with blood”

The above statements could be the words of a certain prisoner who had given himself over to evil life and wickedness without restraints.

After hearing the word of salvation and learning about the mercy of God from a servant of God who visited the prisoners to encourage them. As the servant of God quotes from the book of Exodus 33:19b which say’s …. I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion”
Immediately he heard these words, he realized how much evil he had committed and wondered if God could ever forgive someone of his kind.


The mystery behind the mercy, grace and compassion of God is far beyond man’s comprehension. Mercy is one of the attributes of God. His mercy is older than the world and sin itself.
From God’s point of demonstration, He is making it clear that there is no sin that is so big enough that outweighs His mercy and grace. The sins of the world put together cannot bear the weight of God’s mercy.

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And I reason, if God could through the death of His own Son Jesus Christ on the cross take way the sin of the whole world -what kind of sin then can a single man or a woman commit that the Father of all flesh cannot forgive?

The prisoner was totally wrong!
We are saved by grace. Not by works. Not by the size of our sin nor by how much good God finds in us. (Titus 3:3-7)

What about yourself?
Do you think you have done so much evil things that the blood of Jesus cannot wash away? It’s not true! God knows you are still wearing the Adamic nature that is characterized with sin and evil which leads to death. The Adamic nature knows nothing else except sin.
That’s why He has made a provision for the forgiveness of our sins so that we will put on the nature of the new Adam(Christ Jesus) which is new life of righteousness, peace and holiness
(Romans 5:12-21).

It’s not really about how much sin we have committed.
It’s about our present heart’s disposition towards God. It’s about admitting you are a sinner and willing to repent.
It’s about sincere repentance and a return to the Lord who longs to have us back at any given moment of our lives here on earth.
God stops being angry with a sinner who turns away from his/her evil ways and wickedness and embraces Christ Jesus as his/her personal Lord and Saviour.

God can gather up a messed-up life and make it up for good.

Do you need the mercy of God in your life? Pray this prayer with all heart.

Lord Jesus, I thank you for this opportunity to hear about your mercy and compassion towards me a sinner. I’m truly sorry and I repent for the sins and the evil deeds I have done to you. I believe you have now given me a new life. Give me your Holy Spirit to guide me daily and keep me from falling from your grace. Amen.

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God can gather up a messed-up life and make it up for good!