God or gold? Which do you choose? The Giver of the gifts or the gifts of the Giver? Choosing the gifts over the Giver might cause us to lose both the Giver and the gifts. That’s serious disaster! But choosing the Giver over the gifts will make us to continue to have the Giver and His gifts. That’s bliss!

We should never allow the things of gold to keep us out of the things of God.
Gold and silver shall pass away, but God and His things will remain forever.
Don’t value gold and silver more than you value God and the things of God.
When all things shall come to an end, humanity shall be separated from gold and silver, and gold and silver shall be separated from humanity but we shall never be separated from God our Maker, His things and eternity. Let’s love God our Father above things He gives to us. Also read 👇🏽👇🏽

The Blessing of the Lord

I pray for us that the blessings that God gives to us, wealth, silver and gold will not push us out of the presence of our Father Adonai, but draw us closer to His heart forever. Amen.

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