You can’t know all about people. Don’t even assume you know her or him.
You can only know the side of people that are visible to you. You might know someone based on the things you see them do, or they do the things they do but you never they are beyond what you see them do. Until a situation arises to showcase the other side
people, you can’t really know or tell who they fully are or what exactly they can do.
John gives this account about Christ: “At this the Jews began to grumble about him because he said, “‘I am the bread that came down from heaven.’”
“‘They said, is this not Jesus, the son of Joseph, whose father and mother we know? How can he now say, “‘I came down from heaven’?”
(John 6:41-42)
You see the way some of the Jews described Jesus? They regarded Him with the little knowledge they have about Him. They knew His parents, they could point to His house and His father’s (Joseph) shop. How can they accept that the man they are seeing physically standing with them is the bread that has come down from heaven?
They never knew there was something about him which is beyond being the biological son of Joseph and Mary they know. It never came to their mind that He is also the Son of God and God Himself.(John 1:18

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Don’t belittle people based on the shallow knowledge you have about them. You can never know all about someone. People are truly beyond your knowledge about them.
Most times what you assume is someone’s best ability might actually be their ideal part they are struggling to develop. You haven’t seen their best yet.

I’m sure if these Jews who said the above things about Christ were to be here today, they would acknowledged Him as the Son of God Most High.
I also want assume that some of these Jews guys may have probably become Christ followers when they later saw His glory as the Son of the Living God because their grumbling occurred when He just began His ministerial assignment.


Have you wrongly judged or misinterpreted people’s ability and strength? Maybe once, twice or more. Don’t do that any longer.
Have you ever grumbled over someone who was supposed to handle one assignment or the other because you think you know him/her and concluded they are not qualified for the job? You might be totally wrong. You don’t really know about them.


We can only know and define people by their fruit and action and not by our knowledge of them.
It is only God that knows people by knowledge.

You will believe with me that some people you once looked into their faces and see how quiet and gentle they look, and you concluded they are nice people, but later to your greatest surprise you will begin to hear some bad news about them you least expected. The reverse is also true.

So allow people to prove who they are. Don’t draw conclusions on peoples’ abilities, inabilities and strengths. Don’t define someone by your knowledge of them but by their fruit and actions.
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