Its the season of Christmas! Christmas is a day that is special and symbolic in the history of mankind. It is an UNFORGETTABLE day. MIT’s special, unforgettable and as well symbolic because it marks a day when eternal hope was restored to mankind. That is the essence of the season and the celebration. Christ was born to restore man to eternal life. Man was lost, but now is found by Christ. Man was totally engulfed by darkness, but now has seen the light of Christ -the great light. (John 8:12; Isaiah 9:2; Luke 1:79)

Christmas is all about Christ and you 

If what we do at Christmas is not about Christ, but only about us, then, we are getting it all wrong. If He wasn’t born, there wouldn’t have been any Christmas.

Christmas is a season to express gratitude and special reverence to God for opening for us the door to eternal life through the birth of Christ. Choose to be with God in this season and beyond.

Avoid taking actions that are displeasing to God in the name of Christmas merriment. Don’t get yourself involved into any sort of wicked and immoral acts in the name of Christmas celebration. Preserve and maintain the identity of the one we celebrate. He is Holy and pure, merciful and forgiven. God bless you as celebrate the nativity of the Lord. Amen.

Merry Christmas in advance.