As important as health is, the value placed on health by individuals these days is rather
minute. More value is placed on means of survival and social well-being by average
persons rather than maintaining their health. The only time they think of their health is when
they break down or when complicated health problems arise, even some who have
the means also neglect the importance of good health and this has lead many to their early
grave. The value of health can never be over emphasized, know that the one who is
wealthy is the one who is healthy.
Borrowing from Raja Babu’s peom on health which says;
” Health is our precious wealth. I hope you agree without doubt that health is the sweetest fruit of our
life’s tree. Money is certainly important and so is social prestige, but it is good health that is
the source of constant bliss.
You may have the money to tour the world, but can’t, if your health does not permit you. You can
buy all the food in the world but your bad health will not let you eat them.
You might have huge honor in the city with every body reverencing you, but you will fail to
enjoy it if you regularly develop health problems.
Being in good health is not just the absence of disease or infirmity. According to world
health organization (WHO) definition, it is a state of complete physical, mental and
social well-being, it is a state of overall well being. Commonly, mental and physical
health are always area of concentration but let us not put aside spiritual health, emotional health and financial health which, when balanced, also contribute to
lowering stress level, improving mental and physical well-being.
Let’s briefly explain the above mentioned type of health and see how they contribute to
affecting our health.
Physical Health:- This involves pursuing a healthy life style to help decrease the risk of
diseases. For the body to function properly at its peak, it requires regular exercises,
balanced nutrition and adequate rest, receiving treatment where necessary and going for
medical check ups. Regular exercises help to protect and develop the endurance of
breathing and proper functioning of the heart. 70% of average persons these days rarely
have spare time for exercise, thereby over working the body all in the quest for search
of money to survive giving less importance to their health. Same goes for some
individuals who also have the means, they rather put all their time for quest for fame, power,
wealth and recognition thereby giving less importance to their health. The need for
exercise is never a necesity for them, neither the need for medical check up
important, until the body finally breaks down and becomes threatened with complicated
health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney problems, heart failure etc. All
because of negligence to health.
Mental Health:- This has to do with one’s perception about life and experiences, it also
has to do with emotions, social and psychological well-being. Mental health depends on
the ability of one to enjoy life and bounce back after difficult challenges or experiences.
Ability to achieve balance and adapt to adversity, feel safe and secure.
Mental health can equally affect our physical health irrespective of our age, gender or
status. One can actually develop mental health problems such as depression, anxiety
disorder, mood disorders, worries, etc after going through difficult challenges. Ability to
handle or manage life experiences or challenges without allowing it to weigh us down,
ability to pick up ourselves again and move on, will help to maintain good mental state.
It is only when your mental state is balanced that one can think of having a walk out,
eating healthy or having adequate rest. Our state of mind also contributes a lot to our
health issue so it should not be over looked as it also affects our physical health.
Financial Health:- This has a huge contribution to both our physical and mental health.
In the quest to maintain a stable financial status, our physical and mental health is also
challenged. To be continued..

By Uzoigwe C. Justina

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