You don’t tell your problems to someone who can’t provide you a solution but pity, rather tell your problems to someone whom you are sure to be your problem solver.
You don’t need pity. You need lifting.

Beauty is good, Brilliance is better but Wisdom is the Best. Beauty / handsomeness without Wisdom is Foolishness. Beauty will fade and Wisdom lives forever.
Seek wisdom in all things.

Procrastination is not just the enemy of time but the beginning of failure.
Do the needful when due.

If you fail to improve, your mates will soon become your mentor and gradually, you loose value.
Seek constant development and improvement.

It is wrong to say that time waits for no man because time is constant, the only thing that changes is You – your existence is limited.
Take advantage of your present while you still can. More quotes https://www.thinetheglory.com/quotes/

By Bibiana Uzoigwe
Educator and
Motivational Speaker
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