Have you ever wished you could play the piano? I did some years back and by God’s grace my wish has become a reality as I can play the piano today. It will always seem like a dream, but its real.

You too can become a pianist soon than you realize! It takes only desire, determination and dedication to achieve this dream.

You can turn that mere wish of learning to play the piano into a reality today as you begin this piano lessons with us. If you are interested, read the training requirements below and follow the link to join the WhatsApp training platform.

Training Requirements

1) a piano

2) internet/video enabled phone

3) a note book, pen and pencil

Training takes place every Monday 8:30pm – 9:30pm.

Note: you are at liberty to access the training at your convenient time provided you submit your assignment on Friday. Submission of assignments is at anytime on Fridays.

Commitment Fee of 2,000.00 per month for an individual learner applies.

Kindly note that the token of 2,000.00 attached to this training is to get you committed and on our part it will enable us to meet up with the monthly data that will be incurred so as to sustain the training. Our official online training fee is 10,000.00 per month. But this is our little way of assisting those who can’t afford the training fee due to one reason or the other.

This training shall run for consecutive three (3) months, after which the most serious and best performers will be taken through the next PROFESSIONAL STAGE


Get started today and fulfil your music dream Online Piano Lessons

Other Free offers for every registered learner:

• weekly voice training.

• Singing techniques

• special guide and mentorship on musicianship

• musical tips for both singers and instrumentalists

• questions and Clarifications outside training schedules

You can discontinue training when you feel not to continue. Refer someone and get 1k discount for one month only.

Join the training platform!

NOTE: the training is strictly for those that have a piano or have access to a piano.

For clarifications and further inquiries call/WhatsApp 08060814056

Follow the link to join now! See you at the top.

Fill the form below to be admitted.

Follow the WhatsApp link below to join.

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