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Jehovah Over Do by Uju

The Lord really does things far beyond the human imagination. The mighty deeds are indeed excess and immeasurable. That’s the divine discovery of Uju. And she calls Him “Jehovah Over Do”. May He do unspeakable things in your life today as you watch and listen to this song. Uju is available for programs and ministrations.

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The Making of a Celebrated Musician

who can be actually referred to as a celebrated musician? It is one whose musical works have impacted the society tremendously, and as a result becomes very popular and in constant demand for musicals performances, ministrations and concerts.

What does it Require to become a Celebrated Musician?

Key number 1


It totally begins with a burning desire. When you begin to nurse the thought within you of becoming a celebrated musician, a singer or an instrumentalist, you are on the right track to becoming a music celebrity. It is the burning desire that will kindle in you the fire of tireless commitment towards achieving your goal. So the number one major key to becoming a celebrated musician is BURNING DESIRE. How much do you desire on a daily basis to become a success in music career? Or do you just wish you could become one someday? Such wishes have never come to pass as far as I know. Its time to exit the wish level and step up to burning desire level.

Key Number Two


Not competes with personal commitment when it concerns to learning a skill. And nothing rewards efforts so fast as personal commitment. personal commitment is a strong drive to achieving one’s goals. It carries one more swiftly than the mentor’s push.

Let’s take for example you are learning to play the piano, and after being with your piano teacher and taking couple of lessons from him you went home. Meanwhile your next piano lessons will hold in a week’s time. What you do with the six days interval to the day of meeting your piano teacher will largely determine how far you are going to go within your training duration until you both meet again.

If you don’t meet your coach with personal discovered new skills each time you meet for training, its a big signal that you will not be outstanding and celebrated.

So if you desire to become a celebrated musician, get committed to improving yourself musically. THAT’S PERSONAL COMMITMENT!

Key number 3