VIP Online Piano Coaching for Beginners/Others

Why Online Piano Lessons?

Learn to play piano from anywhere in the world. Distance or work is no longer a barrier. Learn at your own convenient day and time. Earn a certificate upon successful completion of the sessions. Achieve that music career now!

The idea of coming up with an online piano lessons is actually coming from the people I meet in the cause of conducting piano/music training programs. A lot of interested learners due to proximity could not join in the training and are unhappy. This situation put the thought in me to start planning for an online music training for everyone, not just for faraway people but for all, both far and near who are interested and could not come to our training venue. Cease this opportunity to fulfill your dream of becoming a pianist.

Mode of Training

Its going to be an online piano coaching all through. Lessons are delivered in video format which can be downloaded into your mobile phone or computer device. Also some lessons will come in text format. Its going to be a step by step approach. You can always refer to your lesson materials whenever you have time. Lessons are delivered once a week -precisely Monday night.


Daily piano learning exercises and assignments will be given on weekly basis. Students are expected to comply with the assignments and dedicate substantial amount of time to the daily exercises. Students are required to post their piano works for evaluation and corrections.

Special Support/Attention

Students will be able to get an online live support and guide on their exercises and assignments. This will be made available on the TTG (THINE THE GLORY) group’s WhatsApp training platform. Live support, questions and answers will be done on Thursdays 9:00pm till 10:00pm.

Lessons Materials

This is five octave piano. it has 25 black.
This is Five octave piano. It has 25 black keys.

Five or more octave piano

80 leaves exercise book

pen, pencil and eraser

Camera/video and Whatsapp enabled phone

Training Durations

Training duration is 9 months

Lesson Levels

  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3
  • Each level completes in three months

Lesson Fee Per Month

  • Level 1: 5,000.00 5,000.00
  • Level 2: 8,000.00 6,000.90
  • Level 3: 10,000.00 7,000.00

Outright Payment/Discounts

Level One outright payment 13,000.00

Level Two outright payment 16,000.00

Level Three outright payment 19,000.00

All Levels outright payment 9 months 45,000.00

Commencement of Lesson

Lesson is ongoin


Note: for those interested in certificate, an additional fee of 2,000.00 will be paid.

To be eligible for a certificate, students must complete the three lessons levels.

When to Register

Registration is ongoing. You can begin your registration right away. And start your training

How to Register

Registration is to be done through whatsapp platform.

How to Pay

Payment can be done through bank draft/transfer. Payment should be made into the following bank account details

Acc. No. 1015450897

Acc. Name. Thine The Glory Ventures

Bank: Zenith bank PLC

Upon payment, tellers should be forwarded for confirmation to 08181975074; 08060814056

Attach your name/ location to payment details

Lessons Fee renewal

Lessons fee renewal is done seven (7) days before the actual expiration of the initial payment. After 7 days, failure to renew one’s training fee, one’s lessons will be suspended until renewal is done. The missed lessons might not be revisited.

Note: No refund of money after payment or during the training process.

Special Offer

Refer two persons to register and get one month free training.

An additional one (1) month FREE lessons will be given to students who have successfully completed the three lesson levels.

Contact us via whstsapp +234-8060814056

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