Ecclesiastes 9:4] A Minute Bible Verses A Minute Bible Verses with Romanus O. Obiekosi

"There's hope for a live dog than a dead lion". The number special gift of God to man is the breath of life. Its the kind of gift that every creature possesses equally. The same breath of life is given to both rich and poor, good and bad, wise and fools. If you have life you can attain any goal and achieve any dream. Success is reserved to the living alone. Those have died have no business with life. Therefore as long as you have breath of life in you, there is hope for you. Don't give up, God can still turn the table around to favour you. Always thank God for the gift of your life because that the only guarantee that things you will receive God's promises to you. Kindly share this episode with your family and friends to encourage them. Shalom
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