Voice Training

When it comes to singing, the very first and most necessary human instruments to be employ is the human VOICE! If that is the case, it then means that whoever dreams or desires to becoming an outstanding singer must as a matter of necessity give high priority to voice development and quality.

Everyone has a Nice Voice

Do you believe that everyone has a nice voice? Its a fact! God created each and everyone of us with a unique voice peculiar to each of us. My voice might sound very much different from yours, but the fact remains that each voice has its uniqueness. Voice texture differs but each can make interesting sound.

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Why do some Voices Sound Better than others?

Here is where training comes in and mode of use! Firstly, it depends on how you use your voice. And on what you use it for. How you use your voice on daily basis matters a lot because it contributes much in given your voice a shape. If you are the type that is constantly given to shouting and speaking on a high volume, it will definitely reflect on your voice and tune it in like manner.

On the other hand, if you constantly use your voice daily in singing, it will automatically shape and adjust itself and develop to singing voice. The vocal command you give your voice is what it obeys and its what shapes it. Note: singing voice is quite different from talking voice. And don’t forget too quick that your system gets used to what it experiences frequently. So give your voice the right frequent singing vocal command and it will get used to it.

Voice training for singers is a strong vocal command that controls, shapes and fine-tunes the voice to sound as a singing voice. To achieve this, it must be done constantly and intentionally. Get an experienced vocal trainer to help you.

Enrol into our Vocal Training

Enroll into our voice training exercise and drastically improve your singing voice. We will take you through detailed and proven vocal exercises that will in no distant time turn you into the singer of your dream. You can develop your voice into a powerful singing voice.

Get Trained from anywhere in the World!

Distance is no longer a barrier to our training. Using the available and the most less expensive platform for applicants we hope to keep achieving progress for our applicants.

Next Young Musicians Training Holds Aug.- Sep. 2020. Register your Child

Training holds every Saturday 8:30pm-9:30pm (online)  submission of assignment holds Thursdays same time.

Training Duration

  • 1 months 7,000.00
  • 2 months 12,000.00
  • 3 months 15,000.00
  • 6 month   25,000.00
  • We advise applicants to consider choosing duration of 3 or 6 months in order to achieve notable result especially when one is an upcoming artist.

Training Platform

Training will be done via WhatsApp platform to reduce student’s data cost.

How to Register

Bank draft / transfer

Bank Account

1015450897: Thine The Glory Ventures; Zenith Bank PLC.

Payment Notification

Upon payment, applicants should forward their tellers, name, location and amount to 08181975074

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